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Birmingham's premier floor covering store. Major brands at competetive prices.

"Carpet Tiles"

Carpet Tiles have become one of the more unique and versatile commercial carpet styles on the market. While it is surprising that this do it yourself carpet installation has never gained traction in the consumer carpet market, carpet tiles play an important role in the commercial market. Carpet tiles can be moved as high traffic areas begin to show wear or as areas become soiled or stained. Company logo's or patterned designed also can easily be printed and installed. While carpet tiles remain significantly higher in initial cost than broadloom carpet, long-term savings typically reduce the cost of carpet tiles.

"Woven Carpet"

If you have ever visited a luxury hotel or casino you have experienced the beauty of woven carpet first-hand. While they may go by many names (Axminster, Wilton), the art of weaving continues to thrive.

Woven carpet is created on looms in which the backing and face material are interlaced simultaneously to create the finished product. While weaving is a much slower process than tufting, it provides more flexibility in design.

"Printed Carpet"

Printed carpet allows tufted carpet to take on some of the design potential of woven styles. Printed carpet manufacturers like Durkan carpet have elevated carpet printing to an art form and printing provides even more design potential than woven styles. Printed carpet can actually become a work of art and the size of the printed pattern can be as large as ballroom size. Printed carpet can be custom printed based on your design or a special design can be created for you.

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